Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice 1959 Aged '59 Les Paul CC #39 Minnesota Burst Andrew Raymond Standard Reissue True Historic

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2017 Gibson CC#39 Aged '59 Les Paul Minnesota Burst! Here is a beautiful low number (#2 in the run) Gibson CC39 Minnesota Burst Gibson '59 Les Paul with a great...


2017 Gibson CC#39 Aged '59 Les Paul Minnesota Burst!

Here is a beautiful low number (#2 in the run) Gibson CC39 Minnesota Burst Gibson '59 Les Paul with a great vintage top. High quality top here. The guitar plays great and sounds excellent. This was one of the last of the Collector's Choice models made and production numbers were very limited. The guitar is factory aged to look just like the original burst this was modeled after. It appears to be in excellent condition overall. There is some binding bleed which leads us to believe the guitar was played moderately. The guitar comes with the original case and all the case candy including COA, pack list, etc. This is about as nice an example you could find.

Model description: 

The Gibson Custom Collector's Choice #39 Andrew Raymond '59 a.k.a. "Minnesota Burst" offers you the chance to own the instrument widely known by collectors and vintage experts throughout the world as one of the best-looking and best-preserved Les Pauls. The original was well cared for, which accounts for the rich color and minimal wear that is re-created on #39's deeply figured woods. But Minnesota Burst still oozes vintage appeal thanks to the detailed aging of the guitar's hardware and finish. And the guitar sings with the clarity of Andrew Raymond's original through a set of custom-wound humbucking pickups.

Crafted based on a historic Les Paul

Andrew Raymond's original 1959 Les Paul Minnesota Burst is named for the state in which it was rediscovered. The guitar quickly became legendary on the vintage market for how well it had been cared for and how rich and vibrant its finish remained. The guitar's deep burst was further accentuated by one of the most consistent and deeply figured maple tops ever found on one of the vintage treasures. Raymond's '59 also boasted a deep and round neck carve that is a great example of why players who enjoy a chunky feel live for this design.

Detailed re-creation in feel, aesthetic, and tone

The Collector's Choice #39 Andrew Raymond '59 a.k.a. "Minnesota Burst" is part of Gibson Custom's Standard Historic line. The original was gone over with extreme attention to detail to re-create everything from the woods used to the way the original finish has worn over the years. You will understand why these old neck profiles are so sought-after when you put its rounded carve in your hands and experience the late-'50s neck angle. And even the nylon string nut and a lightweight aluminum stopbar are included.

Custom-wound humbucking pickups match the originals

One of the most astounding characteristics of Andrew Raymond's 1959 is its plugged-in voice. Its mismatched PAF humbuckers exude the perfect balance of aggressive lows and a clear-as-a-bell high end. Many vintage experts and collectors feel "Minnesota Burst" is among the best-sounding vintage Les Pauls in existence. To capture that magic, Gibson Custom hand-wound a set of CustomBucker humbucking pickups to perfectly match those tones.

Gibson Custom Collector's Choice #39 Andrew Raymond '59 a.k.a. "Minnesota Burst" Features:

    Weight: 8.5 lbs.

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